Sutton Bridge Vets Terms & Conditions

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet(s) to Sutton Bridge Veterinary Clinic. We aim to provide the highest standards of veterinary care to all of our customers and patients.

These terms and conditions are the standard terms which will apply to the provision of any services by us to a customer and a patient of the practice and where the customer of the Surgery is a consumer as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You will be deemed to accept these terms by requesting that we treat your pet or placing an order with us for any goods. Please read these terms carefully and get in touch with us if there are any aspects which you feel require clarification.

1. About us

Sutton Bridge Veterinary Clinic is the trading name of East Anglia Vets Limited (“we/us/the practice”) which is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12193224. Our registered address is 19 King Street, King’s Lynn PE30 1HB. Our trading address is 50 King Street, Sutton Bridge, Spalding PE12 9RB. Our registered VAT number is 391299462.

Further details can be found on our website at

2. Consultations, Emergency Treatment and Cancellations

2.1. Consultations are by appointment only. The current opening hours of Sutton Bridge Veterinary Clinic can be found on our website at

2.2. We offer an in-house service for emergencies which means that your pet will be seen by one of our vets who have access to your pet’s treatment records. To access this service clients should telephone the normal surgery number 01406 835 835 and follow the instructions given.

2.3. Out-of-hours emergency veterinary services are provided by Vets Now veterinary services with whom we have appropriate arrangements. If you need any out of hours care, please contact 01733 665 752.

2.4. When you are not sure if you need to see a vet please contact VidiVet 24/7 vet support for advice. Please see our website for details

2.5. Emergencies during normal opening hours will always be seen as soon as possible. If you have an emergency, you should telephone the practice as soon as the emergency arises so that immediate practical advice can be given. You should also let us know when you are on your way so that preparations can be made for your pet’s arrival.

2.6. Owners are responsible for keeping their pets under control on the practice premises. Dogs must be kept on appropriate leads; cats in secure cat baskets; and rabbits, rats and guinea pigs in secure containers. A dedicated cat waiting area is provided, and we are happy to provide covers for cat baskets where required. These can be obtained from reception and should be returned to reception at the end of your visit. In the interests of personal safety, anyone visiting the practice must not approach animals that they do not know without the express permission of their owner.

2.7. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment we will try to see you but if this is not possible, your appointment will be treated as cancelled without notice.

2.8. Appointments may be cancelled with no less than 24 hours prior notice. If you cancel within this time, we will refund you any advance payments you have made to us. Recurring instances of not attending an appointment without prior notice will incur full appointment charges. We may at our absolute discretion waive any charge for late cancellation or non-attendance depending on the circumstances.

3. Home visits

3.1. Where necessary we can arrange to visit your pet at home. This will incur an additional charge (which will be notified to you in advance) based on the time taken to travel to and from the property, the number of employees required to attend and the time of the visit.

3.2. Whilst we can visit in an emergency, under these circumstances many pets benefit from being brought to the surgery where a fuller range of equipment is available to deal with the situation which has arisen.

4. Off-premises bookings

4.1. Where you book a consultation with us or request services from us when you are somewhere other than on our premises, such as online or by telephone, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 give you the right to cancel that appointment or booking for any reason during the 14 day period after we accept the booking. However, if you expressly ask us to do work for you within that 14-day period and we do so, you must pay for any services provided to you and your pet in accordance with these terms.

4.2. If you wish to exercise your right to cancel, you may do this in any way convenient to you. If you cancel and you have already may any payments to us, we will refund those payments to you within 14 days of receiving your cancellation notice.

5. Consent

5.1. In accordance with the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons, we will ask for signed consent for:

5.1.1. all procedures involving admission to the clinic;

5.1.2. the use of medications in species for which they were not licensed. For example using dog and cat medicines in rabbits and rodents;

5.1.3. the use of medications in conditions for which they were not licensed. For example using a heart medicine to treat a kidney for which no licensed product exists; and

5.1.4. permission to euthanise your pet.

5.2. Consent for any medical or surgical procedure, including euthanasia, can only be given by a person over 18 years of age. We therefore respectfully ask that all pets are brought to and collected from the surgery by an adult.

6. Professional Fees and Charges

6.1. Consultation fees are based on 15 minute long appointments and are levied for each consultation provided, including repeat examinations. Veterinary nurse consultations, which are charged at a lower rate than consultations with a veterinary surgeon, are available for certain services such as clipping nails and expression of anal glands.

6.2. Fee levels are determined on the basis of the expertise required and the time spent working up a case. Fees for any laboratory tests required, drugs, materials, consumables and diets used are charged in addition to our fees. If reports or referral letters are required a charge will be levied dependent on the time taken to formulate the necessary material. We are always happy to provide details of our fees on request and a detailed invoice will be provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction.

6.3. All consultation fees, diets and drug charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

6.4. We may amend our fees and charges from time to time. If you will be affected by such a change, we will notify you in advance.

7. Estimates

7.1. We are happy, when requested, to provide an estimate for the probable costs of any treatment. Whilst we will always attempt to honour estimates, there are occasions where additional work may be required in the course of further investigation or treatment, as a pet’s illness does not always follow an expected course.

7.2. It is essential clients ensure that their contact details are up-to-date and that they are readily contactable whilst their pet is with us as an in-patient so that, should any significant alteration to the planned procedure prove necessary, this can be discussed, where possible, prior to any work being undertaken.

7.3. By signing the practice consent forms in relation to those animals undergoing in-patient procedures, services or operations it is deemed that consent has been given for administration

8. Payment Terms

8.1. Payment for all consultations, services, drugs, diets or other supplies is due at the end of the consultation, the discharge of your pet or on collection of prescriptions or other supplies, unless otherwise agreed between us in advance.

8.2. If your circumstances are such that you will experience difficulty in paying, it is essential that you speak to us about this in advance of treatment being administered. In some circumstances, and at our absolute discretion, we may agree to payment by instalments.

8.3. Payment can be made by cash, valid debit or credit cards with the exception of American Express or BACs transfers. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques.

8.4. We may require payment in advance for any diets or drugs ordered specially for you at your request where the practice is unable to return the goods to the supplier. Payment must be made before we place the order.

8.5. If an account is outstanding at the end of the trading day, a payment link or invoice will be sent by email and payment will be due within 7 days or otherwise as stated on our invoice.

9. Late Payments

9.1. We may charge interest on unpaid bills at the rate of 8% above the base rate of Barclays Bank PLC from time to time. Interest will begin to run from the date of the bill and will continue to accrue until the bill is paid.

9.2. If your bill is overdue, we will send you reminder invoices by email on a weekly basis for up to 30 days. If your bill remains outstanding after that time, we may refer the matter to a debt collecting agency, solicitor or the County Court. This may result in further charges being claimed from you in respect of any legal or other professional costs incurred in relation to the debt, such as the production of reports, correspondence and court fees etc. We also reserve right to de-register anyone who fails to pay our bills on time along with their pet, and to decline to provide any further services to you.

10. Pet Health Insurance

10.1. Pet health insurance against illness or injury can help alleviate the worry of meeting vet bills, particularly when referral to a specialist becomes necessary. It is advisable to consider the type and level of cover required as there are multiple formulations of benefits available.

10.2. In cases where treatment is being covered by a pet health insurance policy, it shall be your responsibility to pay all sums due to us and to reclaim such sums from your insurance provider.

10.3. If your insurance company requires us to complete the insurance claim form, we will charge a fee for this service based on the time taken to complete each claim. If a further claim is required at a later date an additional charge will be payable for completion of any additional required paperwork. Continuation claims are charged at a lower fee as they tend to be less complex to complete and therefore require less administrative time. We will notify you in advance of any charges that may apply to you.

10.4. Whilst many insurance companies offer a direct claim facility, we are currently only able to facilitate this in exceptional circumstances, for example, where a large bill has arisen due to investigation of a complex case or where an emergency procedure has been required. Under these circumstances we will need you to:

10.4.1. contact your insurance company to give us permission to speak to them about your policy in order to ascertain if a direct claim is appropriate;

10.4.2. ensure you have read through your insurance policy details and confirm that your policy details are correct;

10.4.3. agree in writing to be responsible for payment of our fees and charges in the event of that your insurance provider does not pay any of our bills within 60 days of the date of invoice for any reason; and

10.4.4. pay any policy excess together with the insurance claim completion fee.

10.5. In non-emergency circumstances, prior authorisation will be required from the insurance provider where time permits. This can take up to 7 days to obtain.

10.6. Authorisation for direct claims must be arranged in advance of the procedure being performed, and, if agreed by the practice, claim forms must be submitted for completion at the time the work is carried out. As direct claims require considerable administrative effort and can result in a delay in payment to the business of several weeks, a charge will be levied for this service. If, after the initial claim has been made, you wish us to continue to make direct claims for an on-going condition, claim forms must be submitted at each visit and these will carry an additional fee for completion on each occasion.

11. Healthcare Plan

Details of our healthcare plans can be found on our website at

12. Ownership of Records

12.1. The care given to your animal may involve making some specific investigations, for example, taking radiographs or performing ultrasound scans. Even though we make a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting their results, ownership of the resulting record (for example a radiograph) remains with the practice and will be retained by us. Case history records, radiographs and similar documents are the property of, and will be retained by, us. Copies with a clinical history will be passed, on request, to another veterinary surgeon taking over the case. 

13. Your Data

13.1. We hold records of your name, address, telephone numbers and email address, together with details of your pet(s). These will be used to send you important information such as reminder texts for appointments or preventative treatments; emails or texts to let you know a medication is ready for collection; invoices and payment links by email, post or specified apps; and on occasions to let you know about special offers. Should you not wish this to happen, please inform us. 

13.2. While we will not disclose any information about a client or animal to any third party without your express permission. We will provide any relevant clinical records to another veterinary practice at their request, in line with the requirements of our governing bodies, but only with your prior written consent. 

14. Limitation of liability

14.1. We will be responsible for any foreseeable loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of any breach by us of these terms or as a result of our negligence. We will not be liable for:

14.1.1. any loss or damage that is not foreseeable;

14.1.2. any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind (whether foreseeable or known or not) including loss of profit, revenue, income, business, opportunity, goodwill or similar economic loss or damage;

14.1.3. any loss or damage arising as a result of ‘force majeure’ (that is, if we are unable to perform any of our services as because of a cause beyond our reasonable control);

14.1.4. any services or product provided by any third party even if instructed by us on your behalf or utilised by us in the provision of our services to you. 

14.2. Nothing in these terms is intended to or will exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

14.3. If you are a “consumer” as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or for the purposes of any other consumer protection legislation, nothing in these terms shall exclude, limit, or otherwise affect any of our duties or obligations to you, or any of your rights or remedies, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 or any other consumer protection legislation in force from time to time. For more details of your legal rights as a consumer, please contact your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standard Office. 

15. Complaints and Standards

15.1. We are committed to providing a high quality veterinary service to all our clients. However, if you do not feel that this has been provided to you and your pet, we ask that you tell us about it as soon as possible to allow us to resolve the issue.

15.2. If you have a complaint, please call us as soon as possible as speak to us about it. If you are still unsatisfied with the response, you may complain in writing to a Director of the practice as outlined below.

15.3. Your complaint should include as much detail of incident as possible, including the names of any staff members involved, your name and contact details, the name of your pet, and a brief description of your concern. Please address your complaint to:
Complaints, Sutton Bridge Vets, 50 King Street, Sutton Bridge, Spalding PE12 9RB

15.4. We will aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, either by telephone or in writing, within five working days of receiving it. As part of the investigatory process, we may contact you for further details of the incident so that we can better understand what happened. We will also normally check your clinical records and speak to any members of staff involved.

15.5. If the matter is cannot be resolved following a telephone conversation with you, or where we are unable to speak with you on the phone for whatever reason, we will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, including suggestions for resolving the matter, within 14 days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.

15.6. If you feel that the matter still remains unresolved, then you can contact appropriate external bodies such as the Veterinary Client Mediation Service (

16. Your obligations

16.1. All clients of the practice shall:

16.1.1. provide us with any information we need in order to provide our services to you in a clear and timely manner;

16.1.2. ensure that any information provided to us is accurate and not false or misleading;

16.1.3. tell us of any change in your contact details;

16.1.4. pay all of our bills and other charges on time and in accordance with these terms;

16.1.5. comply with these terms insofar as they relate to you; and

16.1.6. treat all staff of the practice politely and professionally at all times.

16.2. Just as clients are entitled to expect appropriate standards of care, service and value for money from us, our directors and staff are entitled to expect appropriate standards of conduct and behaviour whilst serving our patients and our clients.

16.3. We take a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate or aggressive behaviour. Clients must not speak to us and treat us in a manner that would be considered inappropriate. This includes:

• Swearing

• Aggressive, abusive or intimidating behaviour towards members of staff

• Defamation on social media

16.4. Should such instances occur, we reserve the right to de-register you and your pet from the practice.

17. General Feedback

If you have any general comments, please email the practice at or write to us at Sutton Bridge Vets, 50 King Street, Sutton Bridge, PE12 9RB, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

18. Prescriptions

18.1. Animals with ongoing illnesses need to be reassessed at regular intervals by a veterinary surgeon to ensure that both the best results are achieved for the patient and compliance with the relevant veterinary medicines legislation is achieved. The interval between re-examination appointments will vary dependent on the condition, the stage of the disease, together with any specific requirements set out by manufacturers for monitoring certain medications. It is practice policy that these animals are clinically examined by a veterinary surgeon every 6 months. However, for some conditions, a shorter interval may be deemed more appropriate by the prescribing veterinary surgeon.

18.2. All repeat prescription, including written prescriptions, will be issued for a maximum of 6 month’s supply at each request unless agreed with a veterinary surgeon based on their knowledge and clinical judgment of the individual case.

18.3. When requesting a repeat prescription of a drug for your pet, please provide us with an update on their condition. Please also give 48 hours’ notice to allow a veterinary surgeon to check your pet’s records and consider any information that you have provided on your pet’s health to ensure that prescribing the medication remains appropriate. You will need to ensure that you provide us with an up-to-date mobile telephone number and email address so that we can text or email you to tell you that the medication is ready for collection, and to allow payment to be requested for the item(s) in advance of collection.

18.4. Written prescriptions for veterinary medicines are available upon request. These can only be authorised by our veterinary surgeons and are restricted to animals under their care. This service carries a fee for each item requested which covers the professional time taken for your vet to authorise the requested medication, provide dosage advice and maintain the required medical records for your pet. The practice does not accept responsibility for medications obtained from another pharmacy.

19. Return of unused drugs

Whilst we are happy to accept unused medications back into the practice for disposal, we are unable to refund any payment made for that medication because it has left the practice and cannot be reused or resold.

20. Variation

No addition or variation of these terms shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the parties (or their authorised representatives).

21. Waiver

No delay or failure by us or you to exercise any right or remedy under these terms shall waive that or any other right or remedy. A waiver of any right or remedy is only effective if given in writing.

22. Severance

If any provision or part-provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed deleted without affecting the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms.

23. Third-party rights

Our contract with you does not give rise to any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this agreement.

24. Governing law and jurisdiction

Our relationship with you, and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with these terms of their subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation.

25. Further help

If you have any questions about these terms or the practice, please contact us by writing to us at Sutton Bridge Veterinary Clinic, 50 King Street, Sutton Bridge, PE12 9RB, Lincolnshire, or telephone 01406 835 835 or by e-mailing us at

This policy was last updated in June 2022